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Phiona Nyamutoro’s father reveals first boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo, as they plan kwanjula ceremony


Phiona Nyamutoro’s father has revealed that Eddy Kenzo is her first known boyfriend following their kukyala ceremony over the weekend.

Patrick Apecu, Nyamutoro’s father, has come out to express his approval and shared insights into his daughter’s careful approach to relationships.

Phiona had never introduced anybody to me as a boyfriend. The day she told me she had a boyfriend I knew she was serious.

Patrick Apecu

He adds that Nyamutoro has always been a serious and thoughtful individual, which made her decision to introduce Kenzo particularly meaningful.

Kenzo also talked about the couple’s future plans after the ceremony. He announced that they would soon be traveling to Nyamutoro’s country home in Nebbi for the kwanjula and his willingness to welcome everyone.

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