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Prima Kardashi reveals reasons for breakup with Mr. Henrie, prioritized emotional well-being


Socialite Prima Kardashi shared why her romantic relationship with media personality Mr. Henrie hit a dead end quite sooner than anticipated.

She shared that her heart had been wounded from her previous relationship with the baby daddy Geosteady, and when she met Mr. Henrie, she thought he would help her heal.

She reveals that she had begun feeling special and loved, healing from her past trauma and finding hope that true love may exist.

However, as time passed, Mr. Henrie’s behavior shifted, making Prima feel like she was reliving past heartaches.

He suddenly wanted to be chased around, called all the time, and pleaded for. Despite his goodness and humble personality, she made a tough choice to prioritize her emotional well-being.

I started being reminded of everything I went through in my past, and I just couldn’t let that happen again. As a lover girl, I needed a man who was going to love me, chase me around, and realise that I am the catch.

Nonchalant men can go find their fellows while we, the lover girls, will stay single until we find men who will acknowledge that we are the catch!

Prima Kardashi

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