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Reign Omusoyisoyi: A comedian’s near-death experience after false accusation of rape


Stand-up comedian Obed Lubega a.k.a Reign Omusoyisoyi has shared a touching story of his life narrating how he narrowly survived lynching by a mob after being falsely accused of rape.

The comedian who is of the duo Maulana and Reign outfit explained that he escaped death when he was still serving as a school teacher.

He delved into the harrowing story noting that the fuss all started when his colleague whom he identified as teacher Joab and the landlord’s daughter were in hot soup.

He goes on to explain that Joab was his neighbor at the teacher’s quarters and always attracted students to their wing because he was always too friendly, especially to the female students.

Trouble came when the landlord’s daughter entered Joab’s house and when he wanted to chase her out, he peeped through the window and saw her soldier elder brother outside and chilled. He then left and shut the door leaving the girl inside.

When he left her inside, he asked Reign to give him a push and go have lunch in the trading center. In the process, the girl’s family gathered and stormed the school director’s office and reported teacher Joab accusing him of raping their daughter.

When they approached the director, they came all together and knocked on teacher Joab’s door and got no response. Immediately, they broke the door and found the girl hiding under the bed.

On returning from school at around 7: 30 PM, Reign was arrested because the family thought he was in conjunction with Joab to rape their daughter and at the time of his arrest, Joab was nowhere to be seen.

Reign was then immediately bundled into a taxi. While in the taxi, they told passengers how he (Reign) had raped a young girl. The passengers immediately began beating him like a thief.

When the taxi reached Nateete, they contemplated dumping him there so that they tell people that he was a thief and get disciplined by the mob.

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