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Roden Y Kabako defends shirtless performances, citing global fashion trends


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Roden Y Kabako has opened up about the reasons behind his on-stage shirt removal, something that has always sparked reactions among netizens.

Addressing the act, Kabako clarified that while some perceive it as disrespectful, he and his family do not see it that way. Therefore, he believes it should not be considered disrespectful by others either.

Kabaka has vibrant stage performances, however, it’s his habit of removing his shirt during performances that has often left fans curious about the underlying reason.

Kabako urged Ugandans to recognize the evolving nature of the entertainment world. He said that showbiz plays a crucial role in the success of many artists today.

Although Kabako doesn’t see himself as primarily a showbiz personality, he is willing to embrace elements like shirt removal if they benefit his career.

Kabako also addressed the criticism he has faced, asking Ugandans to refrain from judging him harshly.

He pointed out that fashion trends in the music industry are global, noting that even international artists often perform shirtless.

I don’t know why people criticize me for removing my shirt yet there are other people that remove their shirts and nothing is said about them. People need to understand that the world is changing we can’t stay in the same old fashion. If removing my shirt helps I will remove it.


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