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Suuna Ben’s gut instinct led him to decline job offer from Next Media


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Suuna Ben

Suuna Ben explained his decision after he declined an enticing job offer from Next Media, despite having the opportunity to make the move.

According to the Bukedde radio and television presenter, he followed his heart rather than his head, leading to a choice that might surprise many.

Having been in the media industry for a few years, Suuna Ben rose to fame a few years ago with his “binyanyanya” concerts, performed alongside his colleague Mbazira Tonny.

As his popularity soared, Next Media extended a lucrative job offer, promising a much higher salary. Many expected him to accept the offer and join the media giant. He even visited Next Media and met with their executives.

However, Suuna Ben chose to remain with Bukedde Television and radio station, where he has built his career over the years. He explained that his instincts prevented him from signing the contract with Next Media.

While he was initially excited about the prospect, he realized it was a significant step that he wasn’t prepared to take. The DJ emphasized that he avoids making decisions in moments of high excitement, as he often regrets them later when he cannot revert to his previous state.

I don’t like deciding when I’m excited, it was a big move. My guts told me not to sign the contract and I followed. I think if I had forced anything I would now be regretting yet I can’t return to where I was working before.

Suuna Ben

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