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Ugandan singer Chosen Becky’s son’s illness sparks Bad Black outrage


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Controversial socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black believes Chosen Becky is chasing clout and using her son’s situation for clout and views.

In a video shared earlier on Wednesday, Chosen Becky – with tears rolling down her face – appeared to pray out to her Creator asking her to heal her son.

It was revealed that the singer’s elder son Hrim Kukiriza has been battling an undisclosed illness that has given him difficulties in breathing and left him with swollen jaws.

Chosen Becky appeared to cry, seeking help from God and well-wishers to help her son get healed. Netizens immediately started sending in their prayers and messages of quick recovery to the singer’s family.

In the afternoon, however, Chosen Becky shared another video showing his son back on his feet and in a much better shape, something that has now caused an uproar.

Controversial socialite Bad Black believes Chosen Becky is chasing clout.

Via Facebook on Thursday morning, Bad Black called out the singer urging her to stop using her son’s situation tin “chasing for clout and views.”

Good morning choosen becky have taken my time to think about this post. As a single mother of 4 children I am n good position to call you a stupid mother who is chasing for clout and views in your child condition.

Instead of finding time and the right solution for your son who s fighting for his life your busy taking his videos in such condition and recording yourself crying. Nga maama where do you even get that time right now singa simanyi simu weli.

A mother is a strong soldier who is willing to do anything for their children. Stop recording the baby and let us find the solution if hospitals have failed kindly become a witch we do hiden things for our children that’s wht they call a mother.

This generation mutama. I pray for little boy to heal that pain is untalkable.

From online parent. Maama Jonathan Jesse Davina ne marjo

Bad Black

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