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Vloggers apologize to Chosen Becky’s baby daddy for defamatory claims


Dictator Amir and Chosen Becky

On Wednesday, Megatron Vloggers Janie Ellery Namukasa and her partner Mozey released a video clip accusing singer Chosen Becky’s baby daddy, Dictator Amir, of sirring a child outside their relationship.

When Dictator Amir crossed paths with the clip, he was upset and took to his social media accounts to release a stern warning toward the Vloggers. He threatened to take legal action toward them for making defamatory statements about his family.

The bitter Dictator Amir further vowed to teach the Vloggers a lesson saying they had caused emotional distress and embarrassment to his family members especially his in-laws based on the statements that they uttered against them which were ashaming, demeaning, false, and untrue.

He claimed how he had handed the matter over to his lawyers and the next thing was to face them in courts of law where they would settle everything.

In the video clip, Dictator Amir denied giving birth to a child outside his relationship with Chosen Becky and maintained that he only has three children he named including; Hrim, Heather, & Jibran.

When Vloggers Janie Namukasa and her work partner Mozey watched the clip in which Dictator Amir threatened to drag them to courts of law, they quickly rushed and recorded another video apologizing to him.

They claimed that there was a certain lady who fed them with the information who claimed to have shared a child with Dictator Amir.

The pair, however, vowed never to make the same mistake without proper proof of similar allegations and have since requested forgiveness from Amir who has yet to respond to their plea.

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