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Why Jackie Chandiru has vowed never to show off her lover again to Kampala slay queens


Jackie Chandiru has had a man stolen from her by Ugandan women who were curious about her relationship, and she no longer feels comfortable revealing her partner to the public due to their intrusive behavior.

In her glory days, Blu*3 member Jackie Chandiru was involved in a few romantic relationships that were highly publicized. Her public display of affection, however, is something she regrets to date.

While on a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Chandiru revealed how her man was stolen by Kampala slay queens back in the day.

The Agasi singer vividly remembers how slay queens always questioned why she loved that particular man and in the end decided to try him out, eventually stealing him from her.

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She has since vowed to keep her lover out of the public eye because she no longer has the energy to fight for a man with the aggressive slay queens in Kampala.

I can never show Ugandan women my lover again, women are strange. There is a man they stole from me because they kept questioning why Chandiru loves that particular man. When they went on to try him out, my man was stolen so I can no longer reveal to the public which man I am dating.

Those slay queens, if you wake up without a wig, they will show you what Kampala is. They sleep with their wigs, eyelashes, and makeup on. And I can no longer fight for a man.

Jackie Chandiru

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