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Why MC Chumi wants to burn her framed photos with Spice Diana


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Renowned TikToker and content creator MC Chumi has threatened to burn all her framed photos with singer Spice Diana in her living room.

Not only did she vow to set her framed photos with Spice Diana ablaze but she went on to threaten that she is going to remove/delete the Source Management singer’s content from her TikTok page for good.

Chumi passed on the threats following her fallout with the singer.

She revealed how the singer she believed was her ride-and-die disappointed her by not turning up for her ‘The Mostive Show’ that happened over the weekend in which she was premiering her comedy show at King Power Hotel, in Kasubi.

What hurt MC Chumi is that Spice Diana was a no-show without giving an explanation or apology.

I am going home now to burn all her pictures. I will also delete all the challenges I did promoting her songs. She has never done anything for me and yet she claims to be my buddy.

This is very embarrassing and hurtful to me because so many people came to my comments saying they were coming to the show to see Spice.

MC Chumi

Musicians including Alien Skin, Mary Bata, Jowy Landa, and Ashiro among others performed on the evening but it was Spice Diana and Lil Pazo who did not turn up to show love and support toward MC Chumi.

They all performed for free according to Chumi.

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