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Winnie Wa Mummy released from police station after alleged breach of school rules


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TikToker and rising singer Winnie Wa Mummy found herself at the centre of controversy yesterday. Following a heated altercation with officials from Green Hill Academy, she was taken to Kabalagala Police Station. Here’s why.

The incident started when Winnie visited the school to meet a colleague. Her presence brought excitement among some of the students who are her fans at the school.

However, things quickly escalated when she began recording content on the school premises. According to school officials, this was a violation of their rules.

As a result, Winnie faced a rough reception. Reports indicate that her phone was confiscated, and she was taken to the police station for questioning.

Fortunately, the matter was resolved after discussions between Winnie and the school administration, she was released without any charges being filed.

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