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Zari Hassan teases plans to marry second husband, Shakib Cham unbothered


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Socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan made her husband Shakib Cham aware of the possibility of her getting married to another husband.

The mother of five opened up about her intent to marry a second husband noting that a new South African law permits ladies to have two or more husbands.

Zari intends to keep two husbands of her choice and based on the conversation, Shakib seems unbothered with whatever she plans to do.

Babe, I will get married to another guy then I get to keep two husbands. Do you know why? In South Africa, we are allowed to keep two husbands. It is a new law that was passed in the parliament.

Zari Hassan

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This all went down during a chat that the lovers held as Zari expressed her discontent with ladies who always dance seductively while close to Shakib.

Zari Hassan, further affirmed her love for Shakib stressing how she is still very crazy and mad in love with him noting that she is not willing to let him go.

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