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An-Known responds to Zex Bilangilangi’s comments on his and Liam Voice’s singing


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An-Known has responded to fellow singer Zex Bilangilangi’s recent comments about his and Liam Voice’s singing style.

The discussion between the two artists ignited a few days ago when Zex was asked to share his thoughts on An-Known and Liam’s Voices. Zex didn’t hold back, claiming that both artists “don’t sing but they just cry thinking they are singing.” He emphasized the importance of inspiring the younger generation through genuine singing.

These remarks struck a nerve with An-Known, who fired back, stating that he knows he possesses talent and is making strides in his career despite the criticism.

The singer expressed his surprise at being targeted by someone who is also facing challenges in their musical journey, suggesting that Zex should focus on his path rather than criticizing others.

I don’t understand how someone tells me to sing well saying I just cry in studio yet he is the worst. He is always making noise I even don’t know his songs. I am more talented and I am doing much better for myself than so many artistes.


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