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JK Kazoora reveals was born prematurely at seven months


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Veteran media personality JK Kazoora has opened up about how he came to life amidst challenging times that his mother went through during the time of his pregnancy.

Appearing on Sanyuka TV’s “Bigenda Bitya” morning show, JK Kazoora disclosed that he was born prematurely at seven months because the doctors feared that his mother would pass on following the severe complications.

He narrated that his mother had to go under the knife for him to make it since the complications she had were life-threatening and at a certain moment, the doctors restricted her from eating beef.

When she gave birth, she gradually recovered and has since joined Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Church and became a devout Christian.

Kazoora claims that his mother was fully healed in late 1987 when Pastor Kayanja had just started his ministry.

My mother got complications after giving birth to me in 1981 and she couldn’t eat meat anymore. I was born at seven months, and growing up, they called me “Remnant” because I survived.

My mother was a midwife at Rubaga and had to be operated because they thought I wouldn’t make it. I grew up when my dad was calling me ‘Surviver’.

They thought I would die, but my mother became born again and started attending Pr—Kayanja’s church. I grew up in that church for as long as I can remember.

JK Kazoora

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