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Kasuku Wazabanga shares personal depression struggle, urges awareness


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In a recent interview with Ruth Kalibbala, media personality Kasuku Wazabanga bravely shared his struggle with depression, revealing how it almost took his life.

The journey began during a period of immense loss, as he mourned the untimely deaths of his close friends Isma Olaxess and Kato Lubwama.

The weight of these tragedies took a toll on Kasuku’s mental well-being, leading him into dark thoughts. In light of his experience, Kasuku now urges everyone to regularly check on their friends, as depression is a real and prevalent issue in today’s society.

The sudden loss of Isma Olaxess and Kato Lubwama deeply affected Kasuku, pushing him into a state of sadness. Losing two dear friends within a short period was an overwhelming blow that left him buried in thoughts and struggling to cope with his emotions.

Depression is not just a passing sadness or a temporary low; it is a serious mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can manifest in various ways, and for me, it had affected my sleeping pattern until I was forced to go to the afternoon show since I would only find some sleep in the morning.


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