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I can’t stoop low to any musician for a collaboration – Biswanka


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Singer Derrick Biswanka is one of the few generation artists who loves to act as a bully besides his former bosses Alien Skin and Fik Gaza.

Besides being more vocally gifted than both Alien Skin and Fik Gaza, Biswanka is also no stranger to controversy since he gained popularity for his altercations with the Fangone Forest boss.

It was just recently when the pair settled their disputes when Biswanka went down on his knees and pleaded to Alien Skin asking forgiveness when he was about to be assaulted by the latter’s gang at an event.

While appearing in an interview, on Baba TV’s gossip entertainment show, Biswanka claimed that he can’t go out pleading to fellow artists begging to work with them on music projects.

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He reasoned that his rise to the limelight in the music industry was through a solo project that was loved by the public and since then he has never looked back.

When asked whether there is any artist he would love to work with on a song, he responded by stating that he doesn’t look up to anyone at the moment maybe in the future.

He further stated that the only individuals he could stoop low for are the music consumers asserting that he would do so because they are the people who pay money at concerts and other events.

No artist tells me anything except when someone is a fan. I highly respect my fans because they are the ones who pay us to earn a living. I can’t stoop low requesting to work with any artist on a collaboration.


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