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Alien Skin warns against associating with ‘egaali’ groups, citing harmful behavior


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Alien Skin has publicly condemned fellow artistes who associate with large groups of boys, commonly referred to as ‘egaali’.

Alien Skin expressed that such affiliations should not be a source of pride, noting the harmful behavior these groups often engage in.

The criticism follows recent discontent expressed by other musicians, including Feffe Bussi, who disapproved of the disruptive actions of these groups during his concert.

Alien Skin, once a pioneer of this trend of moving with a sizeable entourage, has himself faced numerous accusations of orchestrating robberies with his gang of boys.

However, Alien Skin has clarified that he was unaware of the criminal activities his entourage was involved in.

Moving with the large groups of boys is not fun anymore. I don’t even know why people think it is now a trend because it is not. All those upcoming artists who are planning to start moving with huge numbers shouldn’t even try it.

Alien Skin

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