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Green Daddy opens up about two-year battle with depression following breakup with Opa Fambo


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Recording and performing singer Green Daddy, legally known as Vincent Kikabi Kibalama, has opened up about how he struggled with overcoming depression for two years.

The “Nansanana” singer explained that when he parted ways with his former troubled singing partner Opa Fambo despite the bond and success they had reached, he felt betrayed and was subjected to depression.

He suffered the depression for about two years explaining that he grew thin to the extent that he was likened to a person ailing with HIV/AIDs.

I was in depression for over two years. I grew thin as a person who had gotten infected with HIV/AIDs

Green Daddy

Green Daddy further noted that he was disappointed in Opa Fambo after he was deceived with just a portion of unreal promises including being given a car that he did not own long and was later taken away from him.

He went ahead to narrate that Opa Fambo who was recently arrested for cheating on someone’s wife decided to part ways with him just simply because of raising his legs on the cash dashboard which didn’t sit well with him.

By the time Green Daddy and Opa Fambo broke up, they were one of the hottest music duos in town following the release of their hit single dubbed “Baatya” that dominated the airwaves.

The pair had recorded some other songs that included; Akagaali, Nsangayo, and Fire. When Green Daddy, previously known as Mosh Mavako, was asked whether he could offer Opa Fambo another chance to work with him, declined stating that he did whatever he had to do but the chances ran out.

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