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Pastor Andrew Jjengo accused of failing to repay debt of Shs 18.5M


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Pastor Andrew Jjengo is in hot soup after a money lender accused him of defaulting to clear a debt of Shs 18.5M.

Speaking to the press, the money lender claimed that she reached an agreement with Pastor Jengo when she gave him Shs 30M and promised to pay the debt in a short time.

However, the payment was delayed.

She decided to take the matters into the Courts Of Law, leaving Pastor Jjengo ashamed and he paid a portion of the money, remaining with a balance of Shs18.5M.

He has since disappeared and has been out of contact with the lady.

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She now vows to take legal action against him if he fails to show face and advises him to adhere to the court summons.

She further stressed that she is tired of making agreements out of court that are always breached and now wants the agreement to be made in court and that Pastor Jjengo should foot the rest of the payment in court.

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