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Mariam Ndagire: Vulgar music in industry tarnishes legacy


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Mariam Ndagire has opened up about why she stepped back from the music industry over a decade ago.

With a number of hit songs to her name, her absence from the music scene has been noticeable and often questioned by fans.

Ndagire revealed that her decision to quit singing was driven by a desire to focus on her film career, where she has also made a big impact.

Recognised as a legend in the film industry, she has dedicated herself to nurturing young talent.

Remarkably, she does not charge these upcoming creatives a practice rooted in her own experience of receiving free support when she entered the industry.

Ndagire has also expressed her concerns about the current state of the music industry. She believes that many musicians today are on a self-destructive path, producing vulgar music that may gain temporary popularity but ultimately leads to their decline.

She emphasises that such content, once published, remains accessible due to technological advancements, and can tarnish an artist’s legacy.

It’s sad to see what our young musicians have resorted to. They can sing these obscenities and trends but eventually, they run out.

You can’t recycle the same obscenities over and over again. I know of a singer who decided to sing vulgar music repeatedly and he’s now nowhere to be seen.

Mariam Ndagire

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