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Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa seeks President Museveni’s help to tackle mounting debts


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Emmanuel Lwasa, is making a desperate plea to President Museveni for financial assistance to tackle his mounting debts.

Once known for his extravagant lifestyle, Lwasa now finds himself on the verge of losing properties as banks move to reclaim loans he had secured.

In a heartfelt interview, the Masaka-based businessman recounted how President Museveni had initially offered assistance during a visit to the area.

However, Lwasa lamented that the individual tasked with aiding him was replaced in a recent cabinet reshuffle, leaving him stranded. Despite repeated attempts to reach out, Lwasa claims the new appointee has ignored his pleas for support.

Reflecting on his predicament, Lwasa expressed uncertainty about any regrettable actions leading to his financial downfall.

He clarified that while securing loans might have been a contributing factor, they were primarily utilized to settle debts accrued during the construction of his building.

I’m appealing to President Museveni to follow up on my issue. He gave me the money to clear my loans.

However, the person who was put in charge of my issue was changed. And since then, he hasn’t picked up my phone calls. I’m now stressed and suffering from high blood pressure.

Emmanuel Lwasa

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