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Andrew Kyamagero faces backlash for comments on women’s role in the kitchen


NTV journalist and news anchor Andrew Kyamagero has ignited reactions from netizens on social media following comments made during a TV talk show focusing on marriage issues.

During a TV talk show, Kyamagero made statements that implied women “belong in the kitchen.”

He expressed strong disapproval of women asking men to prepare their own food, regardless of whether both partners work.

He argued that a woman should never instruct a man to go to the kitchen, even if it only involves warming food in a microwave. He emphasized that he does not even own a microwave.

Kyamagero justified his stance by stating that, as a man, he considers himself the strategic head of the household, while a woman is responsible for other operations.

He deemed it disrespectful for a woman to send him to the kitchen. He added that such behavior could tempt a man to seek food elsewhere, hinting that the woman would be fortunate if the man returned to her.

These remarks have sparked backlash, with many people taking to social media to criticize Kyamagero for his views.

Critics have labeled his comments as outdated and reflective of harmful gender stereotypes that undermine women’s equality.

Check below some of the reactions:

Both you and your wife just got back from work all tired , why don’t you just order for something outside? Telling your wife to make you sthg to eat and she tells to microwave it then you get pissed . if you want her to do that make her a house wife on a Pay roll.

— Masego (@hilary_559) July 2, 2024

Eh, just grab a rolex in Kira and eat, since you’re obsessed with warm food at 3:27am.

— Nimusiima (@nimusiima) July 2, 2024

Waking up your Madam to light up a sigiri or gas to warm a slice of Pizza is a little chaotic 😂

— Albert | KatruGuma (@albertKatruGuma) July 2, 2024

But if you’re a proper Muganda man, then why is your wife working? I thought you lot said that in Buganda culture, women are not supposed to go to work. The man is supposed to be the provider and protector as the wife chills at home taking care of the kidoz and her King(you)?

— 🐣🐣 (@Mr_Mugii) July 2, 2024

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