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Hozambe singer D-Star rules out future collaboration with Shifura


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D Star Hozambe singer

Rising singer D Star of the trending jam “Hoozambe” revealed he has no plans of working with Shifura – the girl in the viral video in his other upcoming projects.

D Star made the remarks during his visit to Nairobi, Kenya when he was asked why he had not traveled with Shifura on his trip to Kenya because most fans were interested in seeing the two turn-up together for a gig in President William Ruto’s land.

He reasoned Shifura is just a video vixen whom he finds no reason to travel with everywhere he goes just like how other musicians don’t travel with their vixens as well.

I don’t have any other plans of working with Shifura in my future upcoming projects because it is not nice having the same vixen in all the videos that I will be recording.

And I didn’t travel with her because I thought it was unnecessary to travel with a vixen just like other artists don’t travel with their vixens everywhere they go.


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When Shifura learned that D Star had traveled to Nairobi, Kenya without her, she expressed her anger on a TikTok live session that was shared online.

Shifura has since embarked on a solo music career, producing a fresh single that she looks forward to promoting soon.

She has also landed some few endorsements that we hope could change her life for a better living.

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