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Artin Pro responds to Daddy Andre’s criticism, announces concert plans (Watch)


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In an interview on the Rewind show on Galaxy TV, music producer Artin Pro has fired back at Daddy Andre’s comments labeling him as just a DJ, emphasizing his dedication to music production and announcing plans for a concert.

Addressing Daddy Andre’s remarks, Artin Pro urged him to channel his efforts into creating music rather than resorting to personal attacks for attention.

He emphasized the importance of fostering growth within the industry through collaborative efforts rather than engaging in divisive rhetoric.

Furthermore, Artin Pro responded to a proposal from Rickman Manrick regarding staging a concert to appreciate his work with fans and fellow artists.

Artin Pro confirmed plans to organize the concert, signaling his commitment to celebrating the music he has contributed to and the artists he has collaborated with.

He reassured fans that his team is already hard at work preparing for the event.

In response to Daddy Andre’s criticism, Artin Pro highlighted his approach to music production, stating that his nature sets him apart. He explained that he invests significant time and thought into each song he produces.

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