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Bryan White returns to Uganda after nearly two years


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After nearly a two-year absence living in Dubai, city tycoon and socialite Bryan White has made a dramatic return to Uganda.

Photos circulating on social media depict a warm welcome for the CEO of the Bryan White Foundation, as he prepares to resume his philanthropic and charity endeavors in the country.

White’s absence from Uganda was marked by controversies, primarily stemming from allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him. These accusations prompted him to halt his philanthropic activities.

However, after a prolonged legal battle, White successfully cleared his name in court. Despite the allegations, the court was unable to substantiate the claims due to a lack of compelling evidence against him.

The return of Bryan White has ignited a mix of reactions among Ugandans. Some view his comeback as an opportunity for him to continue his charitable initiatives. Others remain cautious what he is onto next.

Throughout his philanthropic career, Bryan White was known for his generosity and dedication to uplifting disadvantaged communities.

The Bryan White Foundation had been involved in various projects, ranging from education support to health care assistance and empowerment programs for the youth.

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