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Azawi acknowledges Mowzey Radio’s impact on her music (Watch)


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On the “The Sit Down With Juliana” podcast, Azawi openly acknowledged the influence Mowzey Radio had on her music career and songwriting.

She explained her connection to the legendary artist and how his artistry continues to shape her musical journey, suggesting that he was one of a kind.

Mowzey Radio, one-half of the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel left a lasting impression in Uganda’s music industry. Azawi, like many others, was deeply moved by his music.

After Mowzey Radio’s tragic passing, Azawi narrates that she found inspiration in his music as she continued to listen to his songs, cherishing the way he poured his heart and soul into every lyric.

Azawi acknowledges that his emotional artistry became a driving force in her own musical journey and has since embraced it to influence and shape her unique sound.

It’s no secret that Azawi’s vocal style has drawn comparisons to Mowzey Radio by fans and a few people within the industry. She gracefully acknowledges the similarities and understands why people make the connection.

Responding to the question of how she writes her music, Azawi says her writing of a song varies from different inspirations but mostly she likes to speak to the track. She gave an example of her “Majje” song with Fik Fameica where she entered studio with a melody already in her head so writing for it was easier whilst for her “Bamutute Dda” song, she listened to the beat and came up with the words to use.

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