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Azawi’s heartbreak leaves her single and searching for love again


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Many Ugandan entertainment followers are always eager to learn about their favorite celebrity’s relationship status since public figures’ love lives are often filled with drama.

Swangz Avenue singer Priscilla Zawedde alias Azawi is one of the celebrities that the public would love to know whether she is single or seeing someone.

If you have been keenly following her past interviews, she always disclosed that she was seeing someone secretly and ensured that she kept her love life behind the curtains.

However, it seems her secret relationship ended in premium tears after she revealed that she had been heartbroken by the gentleman she had been seeing secretly for a very short period.

The dating phase lasted six months and the dude called it quits under unclear circumstances that she did not disclose. While appearing on The Sit Down With Juliana, the “Quinamino” hit singer told the public that she is officially back on the single’s radar and she is searching for a partner again.

The partner I was dating just dumped me after six months. I want to confirm that I’m officially back on the single’s radar.


She went ahead to reveal the qualities of her ideal partner saying she is interested in a tall and handsome dark-skinned dude, jolly, and ready to be her friend as the first qualities.

She further explained her fears and worries about being dated by cute guys noting that they disturb a lot.

She also noted that when such a gentleman approaches her, she lowers her expectations, and prepares her heart for disappointment.

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