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Azawi reflects on Afrobeats influence and music diversity in Uganda (Watch)


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During a recent appearance on 3 Music TV in Accra, Ghana, Ugandan singer Azawi provided an insight on the influence of Afrobeats on Uganda’s music scene and the diverse genres within the country’s industry.

When asked about the impact of Afrobeats on Uganda’s music genre, Azawi emphasized that while Ugandans are indeed influenced by Afrobeats, they infuse their own unique flavors by singing in various languages.

For Azawi, music transcends categorization, as she views all African music as part of a rich culture diversity and several languages.

Azawi highlighted the absence of a singular genre defining Uganda’s music landscape, citing historical shifts from traditional genres like “Kadongo Kamu” to the introduction of Congolese “Lingala.”

She noted the emergence of artists like Jose Chameleone, who popularized “Zuku,” which later evolved into the contemporary sounds of Dancehall and Afrobeats embraced by the new generation.

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