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Bad Black plans 35th birthday bash: Only cash donations, ocean cruise, and no fake love


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Ugandan socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black’s birthdays are known for lavish parties with her friends and fans gathering to have fun and at times even watch artists perform.

As she turns 35 years old next month, however, Bad Black wants none of that. She plans to be cruising somewhere on the ocean, naked.

She has also requested only monetary gifts from those willing to gift her noting that nothing else makes her happier than cash.

Bad Black has also expressed that she does not want people to buy her things or pick from their business to gift her and that she shouldn’t be tagged in posts about her birthday.

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MY birthday is nxt month. You don’t need to post me if we not n good terms….. Nze nkuzze manyi edembe lyo munaku kwekolele don’t hype me for 24 hours, I am good. At 35Yrs nxt month am done with fake lys. let’s keep our normal relationship.

I will be n cozy destination naked on ocean thinking about me. Those who will willingly want to gift me please strictly money and it’s bY choice. I don’t need anything but money koz at 35yrs I know what makes me happy. Don’t buy me things or pick from your business to gift me.

I will not repost those dm of happy birthday if you can’t put me up on ur snap don’t bather postin me do people you talked bad about me see your evil side. If You don’t like me it’s ok never feel guilty try to understand people break up and I am good with dat. Don’t ask me people you no longer see me with it’s ok.

Lastly we can all win the world is big.

Bad Black via Snapchat

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