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Biswanka apologizes to former boss, Alien Skin for disrespectful remarks (Watch)


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Upcoming singer Biswanka found himself in a humbling position as he publicly apologized to his former boss, Alien Skin, for his disrespect and words spoken in anger.

Biswanka acknowledged his misbehavior and expressed gratitude for the opportunities Alien Skin had provided him to show his talent to the public.

Reflecting on his journey, he recalled how he began his singing career under Alien Skin’s guidance at Fangone Forest, where he was generously given platforms to perform during various events and gatherings.

However, a rift developed between them when Biswanka’s behavior soured, resulting in his expulsion from Alien Skin’s premises.

He made disrespectful remarks about his former mentor, including a misguided allegation that Alien Skin had ejected him due to jealousy over his attractiveness to women.

Biswanka sought reconciliation with Alien Skin during last night’s Zzina Fest show, expressing remorse for his words and actions.

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