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Jackie Chandiru’s emotional journey of infertility and hope for motherhood (Watch)


Jackie Chandiru shared her emotional journey of struggling to conceive for years.

Despite public assumptions, Chandiru revealed the silent battle she faced, considering it one of the hardest experiences of her life.

Having previously performed alongside Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi, both of whom are mothers, Chandiru found herself under scrutiny from the media regarding her childless status.

Responding to inquiries, she often cited feeling unprepared for motherhood.

In an interview with Mr. Henrie on the DEEP talk for Galaxy TV, Chandiru discussed her fertility struggles. Recounting her desire for motherhood, she disclosed a past pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, marking the beginning of a challenging journey.

Chandiru admitted to reaching a point where she ceased active attempts to conceive.

Despite the hardships, she remains hopeful, placing her faith in the possibility of motherhood if it aligns with God’s timing.

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