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Naira Ali defends spending millions for prom parties, defying criticism


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Songstress Naira Ali, currently residing in the United States, has revealed her willingness to spend millions on her daughter for prom celebrations.

Amidst criticism from some netizens, Naira Ali said that there’s nothing wrong with investing in your children, even if it means arranging a helicopter ride to school on prom day.

The discussion ignited when reports surfaced of a young girl arriving at her school via helicopter, allegedly funded by her father.

Many Ugandans expressed disapproval, citing the perceived extravagance as inappropriate, especially for a high school student.

In response, Naira Ali defended it saying that such gestures are not solely reserved for the financially stable.

Despite not considering herself personally rich, she maintains that ensuring her daughter’s happiness knows no financial bounds.

For Naira Ali, the expenditure of 4-5 million Ugandan shillings on a helicopter ride is a small price to pay for her daughter’s joy and memorable experiences.

I’m not rich but I will happily spend the 4-5 million for a 30minutes helicopter drop off on my daughter’s prom if it gives her an experience and a good time. I don’t see anything big about that.

Naira Ali via Facebook

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