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TikToker Mc Chumi reveals stunt behind leaked explicit video


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Last week, controversial TikToker Mc Chumi made gossip headlines when a clip of two people making love leaked and netizens claimed it was her in it.

In the video, an individual who seemed to be ‘Mc Chumi’ was seen having coitus with an unidentified male partner whose face did not appear in the camera.

The clip was shared ahead of Mc Chumi’s show that had been slated to take place at Power King on Sunday.

Following a successful reveler turn-up, she told the crowd why the clip circulated online causing a stir.

She explained that the clip was part of a planned stunt that she intended to do to attract attention and talkability about her event which she doctored in the presence of fellow TikToker Chicken Chicken.

She asked people to rewatch the video saying she has a tattoo on her hand and if the person in the video doesn’t have it.

Watch the video below:

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