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Grace Khan cancels planned concert due to personal issues


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Toward the end of February, former Da Nu Eagles singer Grace “Khan” Namuwulya astonished the public when she announced that she was to hold a concert dubbed “Sing Along With Grace Khan” before the end of the year.

She went on to reveal the concert would be held at Climax hangout in Makindye on the 19th of May 2024.

The news was received with joy and applause by fellow artists and friends and she was offered a free a venue.

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu also reportedly offered her band to help Grace Khan through her rehearsals free of charge.

With just a few weeks remaining, Grace Khan has called off the concert.

During a live TikTok session that she conducted, she apologised to all the individuals who had put in their efforts making sure that she held the concert including Mr. Lule the proprietor of Paka Last and Climax Bar and Lounge in Makindye, and Sasha Brighton among others.

The past few days Grace Khan has made it to the headlines for the wrong reasons after being accused of practicing black magic against her ex-lovers.

She had also been reportedly fired from Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s home where she relocated seeking solace from her troubles and to raise her child.

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