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Daddy Andre Vs Artin Pro Explained: What is the latest?


How did it start?

The root of the ongoing chaos between two celebrated Ugandan music producers is traced from an interview on Galaxy TV during the Evening Rush show. Daddy Andre criticized fellow music Producer Artin Pro’s work, describing him merely as someone who mixes sounds like a DJ and lacks the producer’s touch.

What is the difference?

Daddy Andre’s remarks regarding Artin Pro raise important questions about the differences between a DJ/Disk Jockey, and a music producer. While both roles involve producing and mixing sound, they serve different purposes in the music industry.

A DJ primarily focuses on selecting and mixing pre-recorded tracks to create a seamless and enjoyable listening experience for an audience. Their skill lies in reading the crowd, understanding musical trends, and blending songs in a way that maintains energy and flow throughout a performance.

On the other hand, a Music Producer is responsible for overseeing the creation and recording of original music. This involves tasks such as composing tracks, arranging instrumentation, recording vocals, and mixing and mastering the final product. A music producer often collaborates closely with artists to bring their creative vision to life while also adding their expertise and flair to the project.

Where does Artin Pro fall among these two comparisons?

Daddy Andre’s criticism of Artin Pro suggests that he believes the latter’s work lacks the depth and originality typically associated with music production. By likening Artin Pro’s style to that of a DJ, Daddy Andre seems to imply that Artin Pro may prioritize surface-level mixing and editing over the creative process of composing and arranging music.

Did Artin Pro respond?

Not quite!

Artin Pro did not fully respond to this criticism but he has been active on his social media channels reposting the support and comments from netizens who sounded out support and acknowledged his work.

One that stood out was a post from NTV Uganda’s Dagy Nyce who asked Artin Pro to ignore the criticism and keep dropping more hits.

First time I heard of the name ARTIN, it was Rickman Manrick ‘Ebango Baliwanika’, from that day, guy has gone ahead to wear his crown like a true proper KING… Artin Pro, keep dropping the hits my jama, ekitufu kili nti OKUUBA TAATA, mad respect.

Dagy Nyce on X/Twitter

Where it stands

Ultimately, whether Daddy Andre’s assessment of Artin Pro’s work is accurate depends on individual perspectives and preferences within the music industry. If it is up to you, how do you rate Artin Pro’s work to that of Daddy Andre?

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