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Kalifah AgaNaga questions Fik Gaza and Alien Skin’s dancehall credentials


Fik Gaza and Alien Skin have made a name for themselves with their unique style of music, and their careers have risen at a seemingly fast rate in the past year. However, not everyone sees them as true representatives of the dancehall genre, and Kalifah AgaNaga, another musician, has shared his thoughts on their artistic identity.

According to him, Fik Gaza and Alien Skin are more like entertainers or MCs rather than dancehall artists or rappers. He suggests that their focus is primarily on entertaining the audience with their beats and rhymes rather than demonstrating a deep understanding of the dancehall genre.

His statement implies that Fik Gaza and Alien Skin are unsure of who exactly they are, as they claim to be dancehall artists, yet all they do is rhythm over beats and entertain their fans.

He further acknowledged himself, Cindy, and Mudra as true dance hall artists while Karole Kasita has a dancehall character.

He suggested that Vinka is an afrobeat artist and Hatim & Dokey as afro-pop artists while on the Evening Rush Reloaded show hosted by Dj Nimrod, Evelyn MIC, and Little Joe on Galaxy FM.

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