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Canary Mugume highlights shared responsibilities and financial pressures in families


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Canary Mugume argues that family duties and bills should be 50/50 emphasizing the challenges both mothers and fathers face.

While recognizing the immense efforts of mothers in childbirth, child-rearing, and household chores, Canary talks about the financial pressures men endure to provide for the family. He suggests that men go through a lot as well while looking for a way all ends will meet.

Mugume draws attention to the often-overlooked struggles men face in balancing work and family obligations.

He also hinted at the idea of setting aside a portion of his earnings for his wife to cover his personal grooming needs.

I feel like all bills, responsibilities, and family duties should be split by 50/50 in the family because we all go through different situations when handling our duties.

One would argue that women do most of the work at home, but they don’t know what men go through out there as they look for money.

Canary Mugume

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