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10 Ugandan female celebrities who go hard at the gym


On the Ugandan entertainment scene, a group of female celebrities stands out for their talents and dedication to fitness. From the energetic Spice Diana to the bubbly Winnie Nwagi, these women are not just shining in the entertainment industry but also the gym. Let’s take a look;

1. Spice Diana

Known for her successful career, she doesn’t just bring the heat to her music but also to her workouts. Her dedication to staying fit serves as a motivation for many of her fans, showing that hard work is truly a key to success both on and off the stage.

2. Winnie Nwagi

With her powerful vocals, Winnie embodies strength not only in her music but also in her fitness. Her determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle is reflected in her performances, inspiring others to prioritize their well-being while pursuing their passions despite their body weight.

3. Oliver Nakakande

The former Miss Uganda shows off grace and elegance both in her beauty pageant journey and her commitment to staying fit. Her disciplined approach to fitness shows the importance of balance and self-care in achieving one’s goals.

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4. Prima Kardashi.

It’s been about a year since she started actively working out to keep healthy and check her weight. A great change has been noticed in her gym journey hereby inspiring a lot of esteemed people out there to embrace fitness.

5. Carol Nantongo

Carol is another talented female artist who not only gives her music career much-needed time but also to stay fit. She has a weekly routine at the gym and the results are visible.

6. Haffy Powers

The BBS Terefayina presenter is another one of the celebrities who prefers keeping a healthy and fit body. Her curvaceous body has been well-maintained thanks to several gym routines.

7. Nina Roz

Does it surprise you that Nina Roz makes this list? Well, it shouldn’t. Nina, despite her slender figure also takes time and goes to the gym to keep fit.

8. Pia Pounds

The Bitimba singer mostly attends cardio classes as part of her fitness routine but also spends relative time to do some lifts and body shaping exercises.

9. Viana Indi

Viana has consistently cared about keeping herself fit considering her energetic stage performances. She’s a good choreographer and takes time to keep her body in shape.

10. Etania

Etania Mutoni aka Life of the Party comes last on our list. The emcee, radio presenter, and DJ — despite her busy schedule, has weekly routines to keep fit in the gym. She has many times embraced her body in her snaps and credited the glow to her gym practices.

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