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Ziza Bafana confident in Lwasa’s comeback despite bankruptcy


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Ziza Bafana, the self-proclaimed Dancehall General, has weighed in on the recent financial troubles faced by businessman Emmanuel Lwasa.

Bafana expressed confidence in Lwasa’s ability to recover from his current bankruptcy situation. He emphasized that Lwasa’s prior success demonstrates his capacity to rebuild his wealth.

“Lwasa knows how he got his wealth,” Bafana stated, “therefore, he can work himself up again and be successful,” Ziza Bafana said.

Bafana compared Lwasa’s situation with that of individuals who have never experienced wealth. “The worry should be towards people who have never been rich because those ones have no idea how to make the riches,” he added.

In addition to his comments on Lwasa, Bafana also addressed criticisms of the Ugandan music industry. He responded to concerns about the vulgarity and lack of international standards in many released songs.

Bafana defended his own music, saying that it has never been vulgar or immoral. He argued that any perceived vulgarity is a matter of interpretation by listeners. “It’s the people who interpret them differently,” he said.

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