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Crysto Panda praises Sheebah Karungi as ‘hit machine’ over Spice Diana


Crysto Panda gave his thoughts while appearing on Galaxy TV regarding the talents of Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana. According to him, as much as both artists have commendable music, Sheebah stands out with a bigger list of hit songs.

Panda says outside the music, comparisons can stand but head-to-head music catalogue he feels Sheebah edges a bit.

He adds that he has a good relationship with Spice Diana’s manager but the reality according to him is that Sheebah Karungi is a “hit machine” compared to Spice.

I don’t have a problem with either artist, but I am speaking from my point of view. Both artists have extremely good music, but if we are talking hits… Sheebah would be defined as someone up on her game.

Crysto Panda

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