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Events promoter Bajjo seeks serious wife, requests help from social media followers


Events Promoter, Bajjo real name Mukasa Alfonso has announced his search for a serious woman willing to get married. Despite his efforts, Bajjo has yet to find the perfect partner and is now turning to his social media followers for help.

Although Bajjo is not married, he has children and often speaks of a woman who understands him better than others. However, he has never settled down with any of the women he has been involved with.

His relationships have often been in the public eye, most notably when he faced accusations of neglecting his responsibilities as a father. A woman who had a child with Bajjo claimed he had never provided for the child and last saw him shortly after birth.

In response to these accusations, Bajjo defended himself by expressing doubts about his paternity, stating that he requested a DNA test which the child’s mother refused.

Despite these personal challenges, Bajjo remains committed to finding the right woman to marry. He hopes to make a fresh start by marrying the perfect partner but acknowledges that the search has been difficult.

Guys, I am very serious about this. Where can I get a marriage-material woman? Trying to see a church woman, but her actions are more dangerous than bar attendants. Comrades help me mumpe kumagezi. Which place wensobola okufuna marriage material?

Bajjo via X

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