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Tuff B reveals influence on Bebe Cool’s music career, claims significant impact


NBS TV presenter Tuff B claimed his influence on Ugandan music, specifically regarding Bebe Cool’s career. According to Tuff B, he played a crucial role in making Ugandans appreciate Bebe Cool’s music.

Tuff B, who idolized Bebe Cool growing up, was once part of the singer’s Gagamel crew in the early 2010s. Their relationship was so close that they even collaborated on a song titled “Dogo Lyo,” which was a response to Bobi Wine’s diss track “Matyansi Butyampa.”

Despite this close association, the two had a falling out a few years ago, and Tuff B is now aligned with Bobi Wine’s Firebase and NUP camp.

Tuff B said that Ugandans initially did not like Bebe Cool’s music. However, as a TV presenter, he consistently played Bebe Cool’s songs, which he believes led to a wider acceptance and appreciation of the artist’s music.

He claimed, “I have a big stone on the Gagamel boss’ career,” suggesting his significant impact on Bebe Cool’s popularity.

Furthermore, Tuff B stated that anyone claiming to have loved Bebe Cool more than he did is lying. He acknowledged Bebe Cool’s contribution to his career, both in music and television.

The truth is that I put myself on the line for Moses Ssali. He was singing but people weren’t feeling his music. I made sure to play his songs and force people to love him which they did.

Anyone who claims to love Ssali more than I did is a liar. But as all people, we grew and our interests didn’t align. We separated but not in a bad way but I’m sure he misses me somehow.

Tuff B

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