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Patrick Salvado: TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talent


Patrick Salvado has expressed his views on how TikTok is affecting the Ugandan music industry, especially for upcoming musicians.

According to Salvado, TikTok, while a powerful platform for viral success, can also be a double-edged sword that disrupts the long-term development of musical talent.

Salvado observed that TikTok users often jump on any catchy song they come across, driving it to viral status through repeated plays and challenges.

This viral phenomenon can elevate an unknown artist into the spotlight almost overnight. In Uganda, there have been several instances where musicians gained fame through TikTok. A celebrity might pick up their song, leading it to go viral and bringing the artist sudden fame.

However, Salvado cautions that the fame garnered through TikTok is often deceiving. He points out that these viral songs rarely have lasting power.

Upcoming artists need to capitalize on their viral moment quickly, making as much money as possible before the public moves on to the next trend.

TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talent, especially for upcoming musicians. People can jump onto your song, however mediocre it is, make it very popular with challenges, and then dump it for the next one.

When it gets to mainstream media, people start to notice the mediocrity, and before you know it, you are back to square one.

Patrick Salvado

TikTok is the biggest destroyer of talent especially upcoming musicians, guys can jump onto your song however mediocre it is, make it very popular with challenges.. dump it and jump onto the next one, now when it gets to mainstream media .. people start to notice the mediocrity…

— Patrick Salvado 👑 (@idringp) June 11, 2024

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