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Hozambee hitmaker D Star reveals harsh realities of life on the streets


Even with a hit song that is dominating the airwaves across East Africa, Hozambee hitmaker D Star isn’t ready to leave the streets where he has been staying for most of his life.

Even if I made it big, I wouldn’t forget my friends on the streets.

D Star

In an interview on Crux Xclusive, D Star whose song is also widely known as “Shifura” says that he has achieved so much already with just the song going viral in different countries.

Hozambee has turned into one of the hard-hitting club songs and on TikTok, it has garnered millions of plays with thousands of creators making challenges out of it.

It has also already attracted some of the biggest stars in the region to do a remix of the song, the latest being Mudra whose version is also receiving good airplay.

But despite all, D Star maintains that life on the street is all he knows and he still has so much to do before he leaves the streets.

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If he ever makes it, financially, D Star yearns to change the lives of his fellow street kids before he can leave the street life to settle for a better life elsewhere.

He notes that the streets have raised him and he has formulated deep connections with his street comrades and he wants to help them first.

I am not renting anywhere, I sleep on the streets. Often we don’t even get the chance to sleep. We are always on the streets hustling. Life out here is really tough.

Street kids these days are so tough but you know what, even if I made it big, I wouldn’t forget my friends on the streets. They would have to first get off the street if I make it.

We always share the little we have. That, for me, is true happiness.

Hozambee hitmaker D Star

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