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Flona dismisses rumors of a relationship with former manager, thanks him for the support


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Former CRK Planet singer Flona (real name Florence Nankinga) has come clean on allegations that have been circulating for some time, accusing her of dating her former manager.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV’s DailySoup show, the Kingambe singer denied the allegations and maintained that her relationship with her former manager was strictly work-related.

She went on to reveal her relationship status when she disclosed how she is seeing someone whom she plans to unveil in the future when she feels it is the right time.

I’m not the first artist to be accused of being in love with a manager but the truth doesn’t hide itself for long and the truth is my boss wasn’t my lover as I was accused. I had my guy though when I was signed to the music label and soon, you would get to know who my lover is.

Flona Music

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Flona Music is grateful to her former managers for how far they helped her push her music career to the extent that when their contract ended, she could continue with her passion (music) as a solo artist.

She notes that the only thing that hurt her more was the false accusations of failing her boss thus leading to the collapse of the project.

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