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Comedian Reign Omusoyisoyi allows remakes of his songs, inspired by Pastor Bugembe’s “Miracle”


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Singer and comedian Obedi Lubega, better known as Reign Omusoyisoyi, of the comedy duo Maulana and Reign, has permitted whoever wants to redo his songs to feel free and go on.

Reign passed on the permission following the recent song he released titled “Omusenze” which he composed out of Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s “Miracle” which caused political controversy for its lyrics that seemed to hit the ruling regime.

He made the revelation as he responded to reporters about whether he got consent from Pastor Bugembe to redo the song. Reign noted that he did not need to because they are great friends.

I did not need to get serious permission. I have also permitted whoever wants to redo my music including “Long Time”, and “Nyoko” among others to feel free and go on to do so. It is a thing of love and sharing as Ugandans.


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On Sunday, Pastor Bugembe also distanced himself from Reign’s song by clearing the airwaves about how he was not part of its composition.

He stated that he had no idea of what was running in Reign’s head but also just crossed paths with the song online and in his submission cemented his allegiance with the ruling party by praising President Museveni for the freedom of worship that he said is amazing.

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