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Chosen Becky’s baby daddy, Dictator Amir, sues Vloggers over defamatory statements


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Singer Chosen Becky’s baby daddy, Dictator Amir, is unhappy with Megatron Vlogger and former Baba TV presenter Janie Ellery Namukasa over making defamatory statements about his family.

Based on a video recording shared by Dictator Amir on his online media pages, expressed his displeasure with the Vloggers for accusing him of having a child outside his relationship with Chosen Becky.

He stated that the accusations were baseless and full of lies.

The father of three claimed that the utterances that Janie Namukasa and a fellow worker made about his family caused emotional distress to his in-laws and his family at large.

Dictator Amir has further assured the public that he only has three children and that he provides for his family with the necessities that they need and require to live a happy life every day.

Since the remarks that Jane Namukasa and her fellow worker made about his family didn’t sit well with him, he has decided to take legal action against the pair in a bid to curb the spread of false accusations about other public figures and personalities.

Ensonga nzitute mateeka Gatulamule….These People Went Too Personal with Wrong Lies and no facts era simanyi Ki Kyebatwagaza. I have Only Three Kids Thats Hrim, Heather, & Jibran. Nekolela Sente Zange Okubawerera nokubalabirira Abamanyi bakimanyi. Naye these People Baninyiridenyo ate Nga byebogera Sibituufu. Where did Humanity Go?

Dictator Amir

He wants the pair to stop talking about his family and asks them to exclude him from their uncoordinated stories. He also seeks his family to be shown respect as one of the reasons why he is taking legal action.

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