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Mesach Semakula advises new artists to prioritize educative music over hit songs


Veteran musician Mesach Semakula has urged the fresh breed of artists to focus on composing educative, good, and long-lasting music rather than centering on chasing after hit songs.

Mesach Semakula passed on the advice to the new artists as he highlighted why he was recently recognized by the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga during a recent Buganda Cabinet sitting at Bulange, Mengo.

The former Golden Band singer went on to notify the artists that if they focus on releasing hit songs, their fame will be short-lived and may end up not leaving any legacy on the music scene.

He added that releasing educative music is the best practice any artist should focus on even though it may not pay instantly as most creatives want to earn quick money.

Musicians need to change. Songs that carry good messages also work; they last longer and they pay too. Such songs may not return dividends instantly…I know that people want to get quick profits… but over the years, we never chased after hits because hits are easy to make.


He notes that before he releases a song, he makes sure that the message in the song supports transformation and impacts society in one way or another, something that today’s artists have ditched.

“In the music I make, I look at society and the things that affect people’s lives and I pick out the messages that I feel people need to hear,” he added.

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