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Dr. Propa’s struggle and homelessness sparks support from fellow musicians


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Recently, singer and songwriter Dr. Propa made headlines when he appeared in different interviews all looking troubled, depressed, and ill as he sought help.

He disclosed that he had lost quite several of his properties including his vehicle, land, and the house he had built that was nearing completion, and had become homeless as well as a beggar.

His worrying situation left many of his fellow artists wondering what went wrong to his side to the extent that he became homeless someone who used to be a superstar.

When singer and businesswoman Ameria Nambala crossed paths with Dr. Propa’s video that had him pleading for assistance, she looked for his telephone contact, she asked that they meet to celebrate Eid Day.

When Dr. Propa shared his troubles with fellow artists, they pledged to extend support to him as Nambala asked him to call her whenever he required anything at any time of the day.

Alien Skin said that he is willing to take Propa to the studio to record new songs with him that will reawaken his music career.

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