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What Big Eye thinks of Eddy Kenzo’s relationship with Minister Nyamutoro


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Eddy Kenzo’s nemesis Big Eye Starboss says he is proud of the Big Talent singer’s bold step of publicly revealing his relationship with the State Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro.

While performing at the Comedy Store UG on Eid day, Kenzo revealed that he has a child with Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro and that she is his “personal person,” confirming a relationship they both had for long kept private.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV, Big Eye who parted ways with Kenzo’s Big Talent many years ago over musical differences claims that his former boss’ relationship with a minister adds so much weight to every artist’s social influence.

He notes that in the past, musicians were seen as lowlife personalities and illiterates who could not settle down and start families but this has continuously been disproved.

Big Eye congratulated Eddy Kenzo highlighting how his relationship will let the rest of the world understand how important musicians can be in society.

We might disagree on very many issues but I will congratulate him on this. As a musician, we have something that unites us.

If at this moment, a musician can weaken a whole minister and formulate a special secret relationship with her, it makes me happy as a musician because they used to refer to us as thugs. We were segregated by some of those people thinking artists were failures who could not set up good families.

This continues to show the world that musicians are not a joking subject.

Big Eye Starboss

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