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Ziza Bafana refutes Dr. Propa’s claims of refusing to release music for career revival


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Ziza Bafana has denied allegations by Dr. Propa that he refused to release the music they had done together to help him reignite his ailing music career.

Dr Propa recently opened up about his struggles, including his current state of depression and homelessness.

Among the reasons he shared was the
alleged refusal by Shidy Beats and Ziza Bafana to release his music, which could have potentially reignited his career.

Dr. Propa apparently collaborated with Ziza Bafana, and to him, this would help him piece his life together once released to the fans.

In response, Ziza Bafana has come forward to deny these allegations, stating that their business was sorted and that he even supported Dr. Propa by taking him to shows to help him earn a living and also couldn’t deny the fact that he is a big fan of his music.

He believes that there might be more to Dr Propa’s situation than just music-related conflicts, suggesting that there could be other underlying factors at play.

And he thinks that maybe this could be one of the usual artistry stunts or Dr. Propa has something else he is trying to pass on.

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